Spokane Valley, Washington, 2012

Steve Dunn Hanson

I'm "older"--at least that's what one of my great-granddaughters thinks. I've lived in places that grew me . . . from a small Idaho farm town, a run-down neighborhood in St. Louis, and nearly 40 years in Orange County, California, to Sydney, Australia, and Bucharest, Romania. I have a hopper full of "reality" including being a volunteer chaplain in Orange County jails and flying with Barry Goldwater in his small plane when an engine conked out.

I exercise (I can still out-push-up my grandsons, but they're kinda wimpy) and have been active in community and Church virtually my entire life. My beautiful wife Joyce and I have been married over 50 years and are surrounded by family.

We now live on a hill in scenic Spokane Valley, Washington, along with gobs of  pine trees, deer, wild turkeys, and who knows what else. Peaceful and serene are descriptors.

This website gives you an idea of my interests, and among the many attributes I seek, gratitude heads the list. 


Steve and Joyce 50th-2
Steve and Joyce