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You will have a fresh experience virtually every time you visit . . . whether you're here for a few minutes or an hour.

Cogitations--my contemplations; thoughts from guest contributors; and, your take on an eclectic range of topics. Controversial, spiritual, philosophical, political, funny, current events, unforgettable characters, you name it. We'll get you thinking! 

Books--a posting of worth-your-time books with brief reviews. I update the list regularly. I am also an author of a few published books with more on the way. Find out here how to get them and catch previews of what's coming.  

Videos--access to YouTube videos I've produced as well as other uplifting, beautiful, unusual, and humorous offerings. I add to and subtract from this collection frequently. 

In Search of Light--one of my poems coupled with an original photo-portrait. Take a look. Check each month for a new poem and photo.

My brief bio is on the About page, and I love Feedback.

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In Search of Light