Steve Dunn Hanson

I've lived in places that grew me including a small Idaho farm town and a ragged neighborhood in St. Louis. My wife, Joyce, and I raised our family in Orange County, California, and we currently live on a scenic hill in northeast Washington.

I graduated from BYU in economics and received an MA degree in political behavior from Arizona State. I served a Church mission as a young man to Australia and with my wife to Romania. I have been a stake president and a member of a temple presidency for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I enjoy landscape photography and am the author of articles, poetry, hymns, novels, and self-help books. My wife Joyce and I are the parents of eight children, 28 grandchildren, and the great grandchildren keep coming.

I have a hopper full of "reality" including being a volunteer chaplain in Orange County jails for 15 years and flying with a major party presidential candidate in his small plane when an engine conked out.

All of this is fodder for my writing.

Among the many attributes I seek, gratitude heads the list.