The Course of Fate

7G NETWORK—The quantum teleportation communications network used by all Zion Centers. Communication is virtually instantaneous with no possibility of being hacked. It is satellite driven and is exclusively used by Zion Centers.

ABUNDANTE—A city in southern Mexico 50 miles southwest of the City of Veracruz. The word means “Bountiful” in Spanish and is a major Zion Center.

‘ACHARON REBBE—Meaning the Last Rabbi. Specifically referring to the last grand leader of the Chabad Jewish movement.

ADMINISTRATIVE STATE— A shadow government within the government that is not directly answerable to the people. For example, unanswerable federal agencies that legislate (through regulations) and enforce their own regulations. Officials who run and staff these agencies are “permanent” and not subject to the electorate.

ADONAI—A Hebrew name for God.

ADOT—Arizona Department of Transportation.

AIP—See Avian Influenza Pandemic.

ALEICHEM SHALOM—Jewish salutation: Peace be unto you.

ALGORITHM—Set of rules that directs computer computations.

APOSTOLIC POWER IN THE LAMB MINISTRY—Outreach television ministry of Luke Melvin Clinton.

ANTIGEN—A substance that brings forth an immune response in the body.

ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE—The ability of a microbe to resist medication designed to treat it.

ARTICLE V CONVENTION—A convention to propose amendments to the US Constitution.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI)—Machines, particularly computers, that imitate human intelligence to work and respond like humans.

ARTIFICIAL VIRUS—A synthetic virus created in a laboratory.

ASHKENAZI—A Jewish ethnicity that originated in medieval Germany. Generally, it refers to Jews from Central and Eastern Europe and is the predominant Jewish ethnicity in the United States.

ASHKENAZI CHIEF RABBI OF ISRAEL—One of two Chief Rabbis forming the Chief Rabbinate of Israel (the other is Sephardic). They are elected for a 10-year term and alternate in the presidency of the Chief Rabbinate Council.

ASSOCIATED COLUMNISTS INTERNATIONAL (ACI)—A multi-national not-for-profit news agency owned by contributing newspapers, radio, TV and cable networks.

ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH AND ENLIGHTENMENT (ARE)—Founded by Edgar Cayce and maintained after his death by his followers.

ATJ—Another Testament Jews. Jews who accept The Chronicles, The Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith as a prophet, but have not yet joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and continue to meet in their own synagogues. They have migrated in mass to Israel and have purchased much of what used to be the Old City of Jerusalem.

AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES—Self-driving vehicles with little or no need for human input.

AVIAN INFLUENZA PANDEMIC (AIP)—A world-wide pandemic caused by an artificially created virus patterned after the bird-flu virus and is airborne. Incubation takes up to a week, but the carrier is contagious from first being infected.

BAHIA DE CAMPECHE—Bay of Campeche A large bay in the Gulf of Mexico surrounded on three sides by the Mexican states of Campeche Tabasco, and Veracruz.

BAKTUN—Properly, b’ak’tun. Twenty katun cycles of the Maya Long Count Calendar, or 144,000 days.

BALCHÉ BOSH—Fermented Maya ceremonial drink made from tree bark.

BĂNEASA AIRPORT—Small airport at Bucharest, Romania.

BLACK JAGUAR—Sometimes called a panther, the central and south American jaguar is a large cat with powerful jaws. It often kills its prey by crushing its skull with its jaws. Male jaguars can exceed 300 pounds in weight. Several Maya gods are associated with the jaguar, including Kisin, the god of the underworld.

BEIT HAKEREM—An upscale neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem.

BLOOD MOON—Total lunar eclipse.

BOOKS OF CHILAM BALAM—17th and 18th century bark paper books written in Yucatec Maya language using the Latin alphabet.

BRASS PLATES—A set of metal plates included with The Chronicles that contains Jewish history up to the prophet Jeremiah. It mirrors the Old Testament Pentateuch and much of its history.

BURNER PHONE—Prepaid mobile phones that are cheap and disposable. They are replaced frequently and are difficult to trace.

BYU JERUSALEM CENTER—Completed in 1987 it occupies a slope of Mount Scopus and overlooks the Old City. Students from other BYU campuses in Utah, Idaho, and Hawaii are eligible to attend.

CAIMAN—A reptile found in Central and South America of the alligator family averaging about eight feet in length.

CATÓLICOS PARA SIEMPRE (CATHOLICS FOREVER)—A militant group in Mexico offended by Catholics who embrace the Book of Mormon because of the Misantla Chronicles.

CENOTE—A natural sinkhole in limestone that exposes groundwater underneath. It was used for ceremonial sacrifice by the ancient Maya, including human sacrifice.

CENTAUR COMETS—Giant part comet, part asteroids located between Jupiter and Neptune.

CHABAD—A Hasidic/Orthodox Jewish movement known for its outreach worldwide. Sometimes known as Chabad Lubavitch after the White Russia town where it began several centuries ago. The name of the town means, ‘city of brotherly love.’ The word Chabad is an acronym of three Hebrew words meaning wisdom, comprehension, knowledge.

CHAC—Maya god of rain.

CHIEF RABBINATE COUNCIL—Two chief rabbis, an Ashkenazi rabbi and a Sephardi rabbi make up the Chief Rabbinate in Israel and are assisted by the Chief Rabbinate Council. The Rabbinate has legal power to administer and organize religious provisions for Jews in Israel including marriage, divorce, burials and kosher laws.

CHILAM BALAM—Maya Jaguar Prophet.

CHOP SHOP—A place where stolen vehicles are disassembled, and the untraceable parts are sold.

CME—Coronal mass ejection. Expulsion of a massive amount of plasma from the sun with an accompanying magnet field.

COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS—The practical application of computer technology to a wide range of areas.


CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION—An Article V Convention called by two-thirds of the states to consider amending the US Constitution.

COPAL INCENSE—Smoke from tree resin burned during Maya shaman ceremonies.

CROHN’S DISEASE—A chronic inflammatory bowel condition that effects the digestive system.

CSS—Coalition of Safe States. Any country that agrees to a specified standard of international and domestic behavior, including basic human rights, and requires its citizens to be ICP registered, is eligible to join the Coalition of Safe States. No passports are necessary for residents of CSS countries to travel to any other CSS country. They must carry their ICP card and have their iris scanned upon entry. Countries always maintain the right to refuse entry. CSS citizens may stay in any CSS country up to 90 days without an extended visa but may not work there. Citizens of non-CSS countries require both a passport and an ICP card to visit a CSS nation. For those needing passports, visas are required for visits over 10 days.

DEA—US Drug Enforcement Administration.

DECLARATION OF DISSOLUTION—The proposed dissolution of the United States considered at a Constitutional Convention: Section 1. One-hundred-eighty (180) days from the ratification of this Declaration by three-fourths of the states, the United States of America is dissolved; with all laws, treaties, regulations, taxes, and judicial decisions void. Section 2. Each state of the United States of America will become self-governing and will determine its relationship to and participation with the North American Union, and any other state, nation, province, or union of states, nations, or provinces. Section 3. The several states will establish a Dissolution Commission to determine final disbursement of federal assets and resolution of federal liabilities. All Dissolution Commission recommendations are subject to ratification by two-thirds of the states.


DEVIL’S TRUMPET—A hallucinogenic plant used by shamans.

DF—Common name for Mexico City.

DISSOLUTION COMMISSION—Interim commission appointed by the governors of the states to oversee the disbanding of United States branches of government, agencies, and departments; the nullification of pacts, treaties, and agreements; the disbursement of properties and other assets; and, the meeting of all federal obligations, including debt. This Commission has absolute power, subject to approval of 34 of the 50 states, for 180 days after the Declaration of Dissolution has been ratified, at which time all interstate services and departments will be managed by a permanent Oversight Chamber.

DRAGON LADY—Stereotype east Asian mysterious, deceitful, tyrannical woman.

EDGAR CAYCE—American psychic, healer, and prophet, known as the “sleeping prophet” in the 1930’s and 40’s.

EIN HAYAM—A southern suburb of Hadera, Israel.

ELKANA—An Israeli West Bank settlement in the north-western Samarian hills.

EPHRAIM—Son of Joseph adopted by Jacob to share in Jacob’s inheritance equally with his sons.

EPIGRAPHY—The study of inscriptions as writing.

ERETZ ISRAEL—The Holy Land. All land occupied by ancient Israel promised to them by God.

ESTADIO AZTECA—Association football stadium situated in Santa Ursula, a suburb of Mexico City with a seating capacity of 90,000.

EURASIA BOLSHEVIK FRONT (EBF)—Fascist Russian political party established by Anatoly Popov with the intent to create a super amalgamation of Europe and Asia countries known as Eurasia. With the breakup of European and Asian countries, Anatoly formed his own organization to exact tribute and named it the EBF.

FIRESTONE—A great crystal with mystical powers that, according to Edgar Cayce, powered the Atlantean civilization.

GCN—The Greater Christian Network. A cable TV network of Christian oriented shows and religious sessions.

GEMARA—A rabbinical commentary on the Mishnah and is part of the Talmud.

GIS—Geographic Information Systems. Software used to analyze GPS data and draw maps.

GOD-HOUSE—An enclosure for Lacandón religious ceremonies at the edge of the village of Naja. Used exclusively by the shaman, Kish.

GPR—Ground Penetrating Radar. Used to detect variances, anomalies, or voids in soil and rock.

GRANITE MOUNTAIN VAULT—A super-secure repository of priceless records and artifacts and located in the mountainside near Salt Lake City.

HACH T’ANA—The language of the Lacandón. The “pure” Maya language.

HACH WINIK—The “true” people of the Maya.

HALLS OF RECORDS—Edgar Cayce saw in vision three locations where records from the ancient city of Atlantis were hidden some 12,000 years ago. Those locations included Egypt, near the Sphinx, underwater in the Bimini area, and somewhere on the Yucatan Peninsula. Possibly in the area of Piedras Negras.

HASIDIC JEWS—Religiously conservative Jews who separate themselves socially and adhere to Ultra-Orthodox dogma and practices.

HUMANIST DEFENSE LEAGUE (HDL)—An international organization whose creation was spearheaded by U.S. president, Jill Hodges. The three-fold mission of the HDL includes: 1) The elevating of the collective human mind by seeking, promoting, and cultivating genius in all areas of society; 2) The placing in power and positions of influence those whose unique abilities and intelligence qualify them to lead; and, 3) The channeling of the evolution of society and its governments so that all religious influence is subjugated or eliminated. Their specific objectives include:

    • Placing HDL members in strategic positions of government, education, finance, science, and communication

    • Eliminating the voice of religion in all political and public venues

    • Make discrimination of race, gender, sexual preference or relationships, illegal and prosecutable

    • Remove traditional marriage as a state sponsored or sanctioned pact

    • Establish the state as the primary determinant in the placing of all children to assure their well-being and to maximize their potential contribution to the community

    • Guarantee state-sponsored health care for all, with coverage for those over 75 years of age limited to preventive medicine and treatment for symptom relief and comfort only

Membership in the HDL is limited to those who rank in the top 5% of a recognized standardized intelligence test, and who have an accepted field of expertise (e.g., law, business, education, politics, journalism, etc.). All members must adhere to the HDL Pledge, pay annual dues, and serve on at least one HDL committee.

ICONOLOGY—The description, analysis, and interpretation of icons.

ICP—International Citizen Pool. An international database, including all citizens of CSS countries, where each member is identifiable by an iris scan. The basic personal information for every person includes current and former addresses, email addresses, and phone number(s), vital statistics, country of origin, citizenship, place & date of birth, parents, spouse(s) and significant others, children, personal photograph (updated every 5 years if under 20; every 10 years over 20), education, occupation/skills, current and former employers, licenses possessed, political offices held, medical history, financial and credit history, current and former property and securities ownership, organization affiliations, travel history, and any criminal/unusual history. Portions of the data base can be accessed by any authorized individual, organization, company, or government official. Special iris recognition equipment can accurately identify ICP members up to a 20-foot distance. The ICP database is monitored by an international team to ensure security, accuracy, consistency, and format conformity. All data is automatically updated regularly. Everyone twelve years of age and over must carry their personal ICP card with photo and iris image. This card may be used in lieu of credit/debit cards, insurance cards, driver’s licenses, and passports.

INAH—National Institute of Anthropology and History. A Mexican federal government bureau that oversees the preservation of Mexico’s cultural heritage, including research, museums, and protection of historical and archeological sites.

INDEPENDENCE—CITY AND COUNTRY OF— The country of Independence was formed from the western part of the country of Missouri some 10 years after the dissolution of the United States and the formation of Missouri as a country. The country of Independence is governed by a Zion Council.

INGESTIBLE INOCULATION CAPSULE—An encapsulated micro inoculation needle that is swallowed and rights itself in the stomach to give a powerful, painless inoculation through the stomach lining. Unlimited numbers of people can be treated simultaneously with at least the effectiveness of serum delivered by a needle in an external area of the body.

IPECAC—A drug that induces vomiting.

IITZAMNÁ—Creator and the most important and powerful god of the Maya pantheon of gods.

IX CHEL—Maya goddess and wife of Itzamná.

KARAISM—A Jewish movement that recognizes only the Tanakh as its supreme authority. They do not accept as binding any Oral Law or explanation contained in the Midrash or Talmud.

KATUN—Properly, k’atun. Twenty tuns of the Maya Long Count Calendar, or 7,200 days.

KIN—One day, the basic unit of the Maya Long Count Calendar.

KISIN—Lacandón god of the underworld and god of death.

KOSHER—Food or places in which food is stored, cooked, served, or eaten that is in accordance with Jewish law.

LACANDÓN—Small isolated group of Mayas in southern Chiapas Mexico striving to maintain ancient customs.

LADAR—Using laser light to make a 3D representation of the target.

LONG COUNT CALENDAR—A non-repeating base-20 calendar used by the Maya that counts from a mythical creation date corresponding to August 11, 3114 BCE.

MACUAHUITLS—Ancient Mesoamerican weapon shaped like a flat club with embedded prismatic blades made of flint or obsidian along its edges.

MARTIAL LAW—Establishment of a military government through the suspension of regular law.

MACHINE LEARNING—Artificial Intelligence is used to automate analytical model building. The system learns from gathered data, perceives patterns, and makes its own decisions with little human involvement.

MAV—See Micro Air Vehicle.

MAYA CODEX—A pre-Columbus folding book written in Mayan hieroglyphic script on bark paper.

MENORAH—Eight flamed lamp that is lit each of the eight nights of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah (Hanukkah).

MESSIAH BEN DAVID—A messiah or savior from the house of Judah/David son of Jacob.

MESSIAH BEN JOSEPH—A messiah or savior from the house of Joseph son of Jacob.

MEZUZAH—A piece of parchment held in a decorative case inscribed with Hebrew verses from the Torah (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, and 11:13-21). The mezuzah is attached to doorways in Jewish homes.

MICRO AIR VEHICLES (MAV)—Miniature UAV’s (Unmanned Air Vehicles) that are remotely controlled or completely autonomous. Referred to also as nanobots. Size varies from smaller than a mosquito to a little larger than a mayfly. They are used as weapons including spreading viruses, injecting poisons, and carrying explosives.

MICRO BIO SCANNER—A micro-health monitor that is inserted beneath the skin under the arm that transmits a person’s vital signs to their smart phone and to a medical professional, if desired.

MICROPILES—High strength, small diameter steel casing that anchors a building’s foundation to underlying rock mass

MISANTLA CHRONICLES—(The Chronicles) A singular collection of Mesoamerican accounts recorded on bark paper codices, clay tablets, and metal sheets made from brass, rose gold, and nearly 100% gold. They were sealed up by a large stone plug in a stone room hewn out of a limestone cliff-side near Misantla, Mexico in approximately 350 CE. The records on the brass sheets are written in Hebraic and hieratic Egyptian script and contain a Judahite history prior to the Babylonian exile of the Jews, including the earliest copy of the Tanakh extant. Most of the other records are written in an unknown language, but a portion of them have been translated using a unique Rosetta-Stone-like Mayan codex. A set of records written on almost pure gold plates is in a language that has not yet been deciphered. With the records, was a sword that is of mid-eastern origin, circa 800 BCE, and a gold-brass sphere that apparently was used for direction and communication. The technology needed to construct such an instrument is beyond what we have now. As per the records that have been translated to date, the people who kept them, migrated from Jerusalem to Mesoamerica around 580-590 BCE. They formed their own communities among the indigenous people—presumably, the Maya, Olmec and others. The overarching theme of the records translated to-date is their focus on Jesus Christ, his reality and his message. That the Book of Mormon, brought forth by Joseph Smith, the American prophet, and published in 1830, is a literal abridgment of the already translated Misantla Chronicles, is beyond dispute. The discovery of the Misantla Chronicles was made by an INAH team of anthropologist-archeologists, led by Dr. Nathan Hill, UCLA.

MISANTLA, VERACRUZ, MEXICO—A small city approximately 200 miles east of Mexico City.

MISHNAH—Oral tradition of Jewish law forming the first part of the Talmud.

MM1 SCRIPT—Arbitrary name given by Nathan Hill to the unknown ancient Mesoamerican writing on the wall of the room in the cliff near Piedras Negras, Guatemala.

MODERN ORTHODOXY—Jewish attempt to synthesize the Jewish observances and values of Jewish law with the modern secular world.

MOSHAV GITIT—An abandoned Israeli West Bank settlement located in the Jordan Valley.

MOUNT SCOPUS—An extension of the Mount of Olives. The BYU Jerusalem Center and Hebrew University are on this mount.

MUSEO NACIONAL DE ANTROPOLOGIA—The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

NAU—North American Union. Patterned after the Schengen countries in the European Union, it includes Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States. Citizens of these countries may live and work anywhere in the NAU and can move freely between member countries. All NAU citizens must have and always carry an ICP card. While both Canada and Mexico print their own currency, the US dollar is the standard and is used without a conversion charge in any of the countries. A uniform VAT tax in all NAU countries finances the NAU.

NEWSPROVIDER INC—(NPI) The largest news agency in the United States.

NORC—Formerly called National Opinion Research Center, it is the University of Chicago’s social research organization and one of the largest in the United States. It conducts opinion surveys (polls) and collects data for government and non-profit agencies as well as commercial concerns. It produces landmark studies on social issues and general elections.

NUCLEAR THREAT EMERGENCY DEFENSE DECREE (NTEDD)—President Hodge’s plan for enacting martial law.

NUESTRA LU’UM—Country in southern Mexico formed from several existing Mexican states under the direction of Delfino Rios. The name means “Our Land” formed from a Spanish word and a Mayan word.

OCCIDENTAL—Relating to the countries and people of the West.

OLD CITY—The walled city of ancient Jerusalem.

OMEGA TEAM—Clandestine mercenary band made up of disgruntled former US special forces personnel and headed by Shawn Murphy, retired colonel and past commander of a Marine Raider Regiment. He reports directly to Henry Mardas of The Committee who gives direction to and funds the Omega Team.

OMEGA-EURASIA—Merger of Omega and the Eurasia Bolshevik Front.

ORTHODOX JEWS—Jews who believe the Torah, including the Oral Law, was given by God to Moses and is to be the foundation of belief and adherence.

OST—Office of Secure Transportation. The federal agency responsible for safely transporting government nuclear materials, including nuclear weapons, components, and enriched uranium or plutonium. They use highly modified secure tractor-trailers and are escorted by armed federal agents. They are headquartered in Albuquerque and are managed by the National Nuclear Security Administration within the US Department of Energy.

OST Control Center—Transportation and Emergency Control Center for the Office of Secure Transportation. All OST convoys are monitored and directed from this communication center stationed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

OTHER THAN HONORABLE DISCHARGE (OTH)—Discharge from the military that is less than honorable. A recipient cannot reenlist in any branch of the service and generally is not eligible for VA or retirement benefits.

OVERSIGHT CHAMBER (OC)—The governing body overseeing all interstate/inter-country departments, agencies, funds, and laws after dissolution of the United States. The OC is made up of the heads of each of the 50 former states of the United States. Sixty percent of the OC must approve any action for it to be binding on all participants. They appoint a rotating Council Directorate of three members of the OC. A 60% vote of the OC can remove any member of the Directorate at any time. No one can serve in the Directorate for more than six years during their lifetime. Neither the OC or its agencies and departments have any judicial, legislative, enforcement, or taxation powers without specific approval of all members of the OC. Funding comes by agreement of OC members from the states/countries making up the OC. Entities that have been retained from the United States federal government, but modified, include the Defense Department, Federal Reserve, Interstate Commerce, and other like agencies and departments. Any state/country can opt out of participation in the OC at any time and for any reason with a one-year notice.

OVERSIGHT COUNCIL DIRECTORATE—Three-person head of all interstate organizations and departments overlying the former states of the United States. Each member is appointed by the Oversight Chamber for a 6-year overlapping term. Directorate members become the chairperson their last two years. They answer directly to the Oversight Chamber and any member can be removed with a 60% vote of the Chamber. One is chosen from the six states with the largest populations, one from the 14 states with the next largest populations, and one from the remaining 30 states with smaller populations. Each of those groups have roughly the same total population. Members of the Directorate, though, are beholden to the entire Oversight Chamber and 60% of those members can remove any one of them for any reason.

PALENQUE, CHIAPAS, MEXICO—Location of Power in the Lamb Mission and site of important Maya ruins.

PATRULLA DE PAZ (PP) –Mexico City’s Police Patrol overseen by local gangs.

PHI—Partido Humanista Institucional (Institutional Humanist Party). The largest political party in Mexico. The party has dominated Mexican politics for the past few decades. Because of their near political monopoly and purported financial and muscle backing by former drug czars who have mostly moved into quasi-reputable businesses, graft and corruption is even more rampant than it was in the last half of the 20th century under the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI). The stated primary purpose of the PHI is to eliminate religion as a political and cultural force in Mexico.

PERPETUAL RELOCATION FUND—These funds are used to assist worthy and needy people to gather to Zion Centers.

PIEDRAS NEGRAS—Spanish for “Black Rock” and site of an ancient Maya city on the Guatemala side of the Usumacinta River.

PLC— Partido de la Liberación de la Conciencia (Liberation of Conscience Party). Mexican political party formed by Edmundo Martelle Chapado calling for the de-secularization of local, state, and federal governments in Mexico.

PLACENTA PREVIA—A baby’s placenta partially or completely covers its mother’s cervix.

POLLINGACCOUNT.COM—A website displaying the ongoing averaging of 10 political polls.

POTUS—President of the United States.

POWER IN THE LAMB MISSION—Outreach mission of Apostolic Power in the Lamb Ministry to indigenous Mexican Maya, especially the Lacandón.

PPI—Partido de Pueblos Indígenas de México (Indigenous People’s Party of Mexico). Mexican political party catering to the Maya and Aztec indigenous population.

PRP—Partido de la Reforma Popular (People’s Reformation Party). Mexican political party focusing on anti-corruption.

QIPAO—Chinese traditional dress.

QUANTUM COMPUTERS—The use of quantum-mechanic phenomenon for computations that can be theoretical or actual.

QUANTUM INTERNET—Information is sent through a quantum network of entangled particles with near instantaneous speed and cannot be hacked.

RABBINATE—The office or function of a rabbi.

RANGE-R—Radar that can permeate solid walls and detect what is beyond them.

REBBE—A revered religious leader of the Hasidic sect. The word means rabbi.

ROSE GOLD—See Tumbaga.

SANTUARIO DE LAS CRÓNICAS— Room created in the Museo Nacional de Antropología that replicates the cave-room where The Chronicles were found.

SATSLEEVE—A sleeve that slides onto a cellphone to allow it to use satellite communication.

SCHENGEN ZONE—Countries in the European Union where no passport or immigration controls are used at their common borders.

SCI—Sensitive Compartmented Information. An elite category of Top-Secret authorization that designates only those who have a need to know to access specific classified information.

SCIF—Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. A secure, enclosed room used to process and review top secret information.

SEPHARDIC—Those descended from Jews living on the Iberian Peninsula in the late 1400’s.

SHABBAT CANDLES—Candles lit before sunset on Friday evening to usher in the Shabbat (Sabbath). There are traditionally two of them and are lit by women.

SHALOM—Jewish salutation used in meeting and parting that means “peace.”

SHIN BET—The Israel Security Agency (ISA).

TALMUD—Jewish civil and ceremonial law and legends that make up the Mishnah and the Gemara.

TANAKH—Roughly the Old Testament including the Torah, the Prophets, and Writings.

TAU—Tel Aviv University.

TEMPLE MOUNT—A hill in the Old City venerated as a holy site by Jews, Christians, and Muslims

TEMPLE MOUNT MOVEMENTS—Jewish and Christian movements whose objective is to prepare Temple Mount for the third Jewish Temple and to see it built.

TETRAD—A group or set of four. Often used when referring to four blood moons, or total lunar eclipses in a row.

THE CHRONICLES—See the Misantla Chronicles.

THE COMMITEE—The Supreme Committee of the Humanist Defense League is the surreptitious governing body of the HDL. Its existence is known only to members of The Committee itself, and the current director of the HDL. Using HDL and other resources, The Committee, through end-justifies-means covert actions, implements its political, financial, and social policies and decisions. The Committee is made up of Jill Hodges (POTUS), Olivia LeBlanc (Prime Minister, Canada), Mario Rodrigues (President of Mexico), Enid Hastings (CEO NewsProvider Inc.), Henry Mardas (business magnate), and Zed Beal (US Secretary of Defense). John Amos, Chief of Staff to the POTUS, is secretary to The Committee and tie-breaking voter.

THE GATHERING—A separation decree by leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ to gather out of the world into designated Zion Centers for physical and spiritual protection from the world.

THE RED HEIFER—A red cow sacrificed by tabernacle priests in ancient Israel whose ashes provided ritual purification of the dead. Some believe the blood of a red heifer is needed to purify the site where the third temple in Jerusalem will be built.

THIRD TEMPLE—The third temple to be built after the destroyed Solomon’s and Herodian temples.

THIRD TEMPLE NOW (DRIT TEMPL ITST)—A radical Temple Mount Movement of three individuals, Mordechai David Galad, Chava Meir, and Samuel Bentley, whose intent is to purify Temple Mount to prepare it for the third temple.

TISHA B’AV—Annual Judaism fast day that marks the anniversary of several disasters that occurred in Jewish history, including the destruction of their two ancient temples.

TORAH—The law of God revealed to Moses including the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures (the Pentateuch).

TUMBAGA—A gold and copper alloy in widespread use in pre-Columbus Mesoamerica. It usually contains more copper than gold, giving it a reddish hue. It is also called rose gold.

TUN—Eighteen uinal cycles of the Maya Long Count Calendar, or 360 days.

UNAM—Mexico National University at Mexico City.

USAMACINTA RIVER—A large river that forms a border between Mexico and Guatemala and was a major trade route for the ancient Maya. Several partially excavated Maya sites lie on this river, including one at Piedras Negras.

UTAH – COUNTRY OF—Following the breakup of the United States, the country of Utah was formed containing the former state of Utah, southwestern Wyoming, and southern Idaho. It is governed by a Zion Council.

VERBA MANPADS—Russian man-portable surface to air missile launcher with multiple infra-red homing features. Capable of bringing down any flying object, including drones, cruise missiles, helicopters, or planes, within 500 to 8,000 feet.

VINT— Variable Intelligent Nuclear Tactical Weapon. A United States top-secret missile that is a cross between a strategic and tactical missile. Its unique dial-a-destruction feature allows it to be used in a large array of conditions. The weapons are Mini-Tomahawk-like cruise missiles and can be launched by a two-man crew from anywhere on land or from a small boat on water. The missile, with its man-portable ground launcher, weighs under 500 pounds. The missile-bomb itself, including guidance system and payload, weighs less than 300 pounds. Bombs and launching devices are produced using 3D printers which allow for much lighter, adequately strong casings and parts. The missiles are 6’2” long, 11” diameter, and carry a nuclear warhead that is 11” diameter, 20” long, and is a Fusion (Plutonium), 2-stage nuclear device, with a dial-a-destruction range from 2 kilo tons to 8 kilo tons. Like a Cruise missile, it is self-directing, and satellite guided using GPS quadrants that give it pinpoint accuracy to within 15 feet of target. The desired flight level is maintained by its built-in radar that adjusts its height in relation to terrain. The speed of the missile, from 50 to 400 mph, the height over the target when it explodes, and the magnitude of the blast are programmed remotely using three transmitters that are synced to one another and to the specific VINT they accompany. The VINT has an effective range of 20 to 300 miles. The missile’s solid fuel booster engine elevates it 500 feet above ground before falling off and allowing the missile’s state-of-the-art Whisper Quiet turbofan engine to carry the missile to target. The system can be disassembled for shipping in separate small containers, then reassembled within one hour. The missile can be fired, and the launcher disassembled in less than 30 minutes, leaving no trace of the firing location.

YO’K’IB—Maya name for the site at Piedras Negras, meaning, “Great Gateway.”

ZAPATISTAS—Members of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, a left-wing revolutionary militant group in Chiapas, Mexico.

ZC's—Acronym for those residing in Zion Centers. 

ZION CENTERS—Gathering places with a locus of a temple(s) for members of the Church of Jesus Christ and those who wish to be with them. There are scores throughout the world with the largest ones in Israel, Independence, Utah, and Abundante. Those affiliated with a Zion Center contractually agree to prescribed moral standards and to contribute 10% of their surplus wealth upon entering the Center and 10% of their gross income annually to run the Center.

ZION COUNCIL—The organization that governs Zion Centers and oversees their temporal affairs. It is made up of 50 Council members who serve a single six-year term and cannot succeed themselves. They are not full time and are paid a modest per diem and expenses.

ZION DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS—Overseen by Jonas Silver, this operation is the center for the development and implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in all Zion Centers. They are responsible for the unparalleled defensive systems surrounding Zion Centers, their 7G communications network, their nearly 100% utility self-sufficiency, and the algorithms that made an antigen that allows a person’s antibodies to effectively combat any and all viruses whether they are artificial or natural.

ZIONIST—A person who seeks to reestablish a Jewish homeland that encompasses the entire historic land of Israel (Eretz Israel).

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