The Course of Fate—FIND: BOOK I

“Think Indiana Jones + DaVinci Code…” Amazon Reviewer

The hunt is on!

Staggering millennia-old chronicles, strangely written on thin metal plates, are sealed up in a cliff somewhere in Mesoamerica.

What are they? Who put them there?

Anthropologist Nathan Hill, despondent since his young wife’s death, is shaken out of his gloom when he is recruited to lead a clandestine expedition to find them. This discovery could forever change anthropology—maybe even the world.

Striking Audra Chang joins Nathan in his pursuit, and for the first time since his wife’s death, Nathan becomes interested in another woman. But who she is may make that a nonstarter.

A Maya shaman bent on human sacrifice, and a murderous drug lord, confront the expedition, while seemingly insurmountable roadblocks spring up. Is the search doomed? Or does the course of fate demand that what is contained in those startling chronicles be revealed?

Don’t miss #1 Amazon bestselling author Steve Dunn Hanson’s first book in a riveting trilogy that begs the startling question: “Could it really happen?”

“I can't stop thinking about this brilliantly conceived…story of intrigue (and) possibilities!”—Amazon Reader

“My recommendation is just read it!”—Goodreads Reviewer

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