Praise for the Author

Bookstores should have a category called “Maybe Fiction” where The Course of Fate trilogy, a fascinating read, would fit perfectly. Steve Hanson takes us on intriguing adventures that depict how scriptural prophecies could indeed unfold. We meet anthropologists, professors, drug lords, autocrats, reporters, undercover agents, televangelists, saints, rabbis, precocious children, and even shamans. And especially subtle and not-so-subtle villains of the adversary. The settings are equally engrossing including: Mesoamerican jungles where mysterious ancient records are sealed up; the United States where defenders of righteousness battle secret combinations; and Jerusalem, scene of destructive cleansing preceding the Millennium. I would not be surprised if at some future date, when we see how the puzzle pieces of foretold events actually came together, we say to ourselves, “How did Steve Hanson know this?

Gary Lawrence, author of The Magnificent Gift of Agency

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