A cross-genre trilogy like no other.

An unsettling plausible fictional take on scriptural prophecy. A gripping scenario of  what the future holds.



Book One

Hid Up

An eccentric Maya shaman possesses an ancient manuscript that holds the secret to unearthing an unimaginable trove of enigmatic chronicles hid up millennia ago. The path to unearthing them is laced with intricate puzzles, depressing dead ends, and macabre deaths. And what the chronicles contain will shake the world.

The Course of Fate begins.





Book Two

The Chronicles

Where will the universal godless secular movement we see today take us? Will the United States remain intact? Will Israel stay unscathed? How will the Book of Mormon affect the future of the world?

What is the Course of  Fate?



Book Three

The Gathering

What will the prophesied gathering of the saints be like? How will contemporary Gadianton Robbers impact the final days? Is the COVID-19 pandemic a precursor? Can Zion be physically protected?

What is the Course of  Fate?




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