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Other Books for Your Consideration

Below are some notable books I've read recently. These books can be found on Amazon--most in both eBook format and hardcover. Older reviews are in my Book Review Archives. 

 The Wright Brothers--Biography; David McCullough (Reviewed January 2016)

About: Behind-the-story look at Wilbur and Orville Wright and their civilization-changing invention

My Take: My friend Bud Recht recommended I read this book. I'm glad I did! David McCullough--two-time Pulitzer-winning author--has never written a bad book. This one is exceptional--maybe another Pulitzer prize in the offing. You come to know Wilbur and Orville intimately and the kind of preparation it took--including laying their lives on the line--for them to make history. They are heroes in every sense of the word. And their sister, Katharine, plays a role that few are aware of. This book captures the exciting nuances and challenges of this extraordinary achievement. A fascinating read from the first page on.  

 Killing Reagan--History (uh--not really); Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard (Reviewed January 2016)

About: Supposedly the backstory behind the assassination attempt on Reagan

My Take: Disclosure--I am not a Bill O'Reilly fan, and I believe this book demonstrates graphically why I'm not. Disingenuous, yellow-journalism, tabloid-reporting, etc., etc. are words that describe this abomination. This is not history! There's a reason Bill did not include a bibliography--he didn't bother with historical facts! Fortunately, Bill's attempted assassination of Reagan's character will fare no better than Hinckley's attempt on Reagan's life. Bill will make his buck on this--obviously, that's what drove its printing--but it puts another nail in the Bill O'Reilly reputation coffin. 

This Child Will Be Great--Memoir; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

About: This first woman to serve as president of an African nation relates her struggles through years of brutal civil conflict in Liberia and her ultimate rise to power in this long-time-ago former colony of the United States.

My Take: An extraordinary woman and an extraordinary story. This is not just the autobiography of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, it is the tale of the evolving of west Africa. After horrible atrocities, cruel dictators, and unimaginable impoverishment in her homeland, this "Iron Lady" is now leading Liberia into the twenty-first century. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for her non-violent struggle for the safety of women, she narrates the deadly journey she took to make a difference in the lives of millions of her countrymen--and especially the women. This is one strong lady; not perfect, but incredibly resilient. Her memoir is an inspiration.