The Course of FateGATHER: BOOK III

It Ends. It Begins

The world is poisoned by toxic tribalism. Amorality is now its standard. There are no superpowers or large countries; just self-serving scattered political entities and criminal combines whose main threats are each other.

A small but powerful Christian faith establishes Zion Centers around the world where both its members and peace-loving moral people physically gather for safety. In Israel, Jon Patema, a mysterious Jewish rabbi, leads throngs of Jews to affiliate with this Christian movement, and Jerusalem becomes a dominant Zion Center.

All is not well in the Centers though. Sari, the young woman who was kidnapped as a girl, is struggling with who she wants to be. Her boyfriend, Clyde Latham, worships his own mind and implores her to reject her faith. Where will her desires take her?

Clyde’s mentor, Rohen Barker, is a member of the governing Zion Council and has his eye on something more. Much more. He will be the supreme ruler of the Council. Nothing is off limits.

Then, as unexpected as Noah’s flood, it hits. A worldwide pandemic that makes COVID-19 look like a walk in the park. Its source? Something right out of science fiction. And this is just the beginning.

What will happen to the Zion Centers as millions across the earth succumb? Will ruthless internal and external forces who are trying to control or destroy the Centers succeed?

And the course of fate?

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