The Course of Fate—SHATTER: BOOK II

The U.S. is not invincible. Jerusalem is not untouchable.

The recently announced staggering chronicles rewrite history and confirm truths the world had dismissed as myth.

The Committee, a clandestine handful of power figures out to destroy organized religion and the Constitution, is headed by Jill Hodges, president of the United States. She is well on her way to becoming the autocratic ruler of North America when the anti-secularist fervor generated by The Chronicles stops her. Cold. But her draconian use of a super-secret WMD may still bring her what she wants.

Ariel Schaeffer, an investigative reporter for the Washington Post, struggles with his spiritual bearings because of the shocking truths The Chronicles bring. Will it mean he has to discard his generations of Jewish tradition? How his wrestle with himself ends will decide his future with Tish Leavitt, the woman he loves.

Then a tidal wave of distress crushes Ariel and Tish. Ariel receives a phone call that changes everything. He is given sure information that will destroy The Committee and Jill Hodges’ tyrannical aspirations. But before he can publish it, Tish’s 11-year-old daughter, Sari, is kidnapped. If Ariel makes public what he now knows, Sari will die.

On the other side of the world, Sam Bentley, a retired university professor of religion has been distraught since his wife’s death. The Chronicles are the catalyst for what he claims is a vision from God. He is to cleanse Jerusalem. He is to destroy Temple Mount. And he has discovered the means to do it. Will thousands of years of history and tens of thousands of people be no more?

A tsunami of disruption is poised to shatter the world.

Is this the course of fate?

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