Light  A story of discovery and transformation


When a tech executive’s seemingly perfect life is turned upside down by his family's sudden abandonment and his business's looming failure, he begins to have otherworldly dreams that can unlock a new reality and transform his destiny.

Alef Welch, a brilliant young CEO, is living a charmed life as head of a trendy conversational software company until his wife and daughter unexpectedly leave him. As he tries to reunite his family, a trusted business colleague turns on him as well, and the company he’s dedicated his life to is about to flatline. As he drifts toward the black hole that seems to be his fate, he has extraterrestrial dreams that open the door to unimaginable potential and freedom. He is left with a momentous choice between his current life and the possibilities of his dreams. But will the promise of a new world be worth the price of leaving his old one behind?

Written in the same vein as Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, this compelling story of personal growth and spiritual awakening will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful.

Listen to my interview with acclaimed NYT best selling author, Jason Wright, who has high praise for Light


Comments from Readers

“What a feel good story.”

“Powerful! So common sense and enticing.”

“Loved the insights and beauty.”

“An emotional ride. The story made me FEEL!”

“Inspiring! I read it in one day!”

“I’m a better person from reading this.”

"One of the most impacting books I've read!"

"It really conveyed truth in a nontraditional way."

"The story is illuminating and satisfying in unexpected ways."