The Course of Fate Trilogy

Alphabetical by First Name

Abran de la Cruz—Mexican drug czar
Adella Maria Mata—Director of INAH
Adi Doru—Copilot for air taxi service, TaxiAerian
Adulio—Caretaker of Abran de le Cruz property
Alexei—Personal aide to Anatoly Popov
Ammon Washington—Employee of Zion Digital Technology
Anatoly Popov—Founder and head of the Eurasia Bolshevik Front (EBF)
Audra Chang—Employee of Luke Clinton and undercover agent for the DEA
Ariel Schaeffer—Washington Post feature and investigative reporter
Bea Holland—Cook and housekeeper of Jacob Brown’s Island Park cabin
Bette Clinton—Wife of Pastor Luke Clinton
Bishop Swenson—LDS bishop in Salt Lake City
Bogdan Georgescu—Owner of TaxiAerian
Bravo—See Shawn Murphy
Carlos Li—Bodyguard to Ariel Schaeffer
Chac Soto—Father of Itzel Soto-Olsen
Charlie—See Joseph (Joe) White
Chava Meir— Tel Aviv University professor of Jewish History
Chen Shan—Operations officer for Wei Daiyu
Chet Monson—Member of the armed semi-militia protecting volunteers in Chicago
Clyde Latham—University student living in the Independence Zion Center
Colel—Friend of Itzel’s and one of Kish’s Piedras Negras expedition team members
Daisy Miller—School friend of Sari Leavitt
Daiyu—See Wei Daiyu
Delfino Rios—Lieutenant to Abram de la Cruz
Delta—See Jedidiah (Zed) Beal
Don—One of the first victims of the AIP
Edmundo Martelle Chapado—Former Cardinal and Mexican presidential candidate
Eliseo Lara—Illegal jaguar hunter
Emilia de la Cruz—Wife of Abran de la Cruz
Emma Bentley Brown—Wife of Jacob Brown, sister, Sam Bentley, aunt, Tish Leavitt
Enid Hastings—Member of The Committee and CEO of NewsProvider Inc
Ephraim Condon—US Homeland Security Advisor
Eryn Knecht-- Employee of Zion Digital Technology
Esmeralda Soto—Mother of Itzel Soto
Esther Schaeffer—Mother of Ariel Schaeffer and sister of Hebel Ovadia Leser
Fabio Duarte—Presidential campaign manager for Edmundo Chapado
Francisco—Member of Mexico City’s Police Patrol (Patrulla de Paz or PP)
Gabriel (Gabe) Clinton—Grandfather of Luke Melvin Clinton
Gabriella Bentley—Wife of Hyrum Bentley and aunt of Tish Leavitt
Gerald Benson—US Secretary of State
Gukumatz—One of Kish’s men on the Piedras Negras expedition
Hank Langley—US National Security Advisor
Hebel Ovadia Leser—Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel
Hector Hernandez—Manager of Power in the Lamb Mission in Palenque
Henry Mardas—(Alpha) Investment banker and member of The Committee
Hyrum Bentley—Anthropology professor at University of Texas
Ikan—One of Kish’s men on the Piedras Negras expedition
Itzel Soto—Doctoral student of Nathan Hill
Jacob L. Brown—Apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Javier Espinoza—Commanding general Nuestra Lu’um army at Coatzacoalcos
Jennifer Bentley—Wife of Sam Bentley
Jeremias Pez—Chairman of the Zion Council at Abundante
Jesse Long—US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Jill Hodges—President of the United States
John Amos—Chief of Staff for President Jill Hodges and secretary to The Committee
Jon Patema—Chairman of the Zion Council in Jerusalem
Jonas Silver—Chairman of the Zion Council in Independence
Joseph (Joe) White—(Charlie) Member of the Omega Team
Juanita Handley—US Secretary of Energy
Karen Hill—Deceased wife of Nathan Hill
Kaye Terry—Associate Director of the BYU Jerusalem Center
Keila Lapid Leser—Wife of Hebel Leser
Kish (U Kish Kan)— Lacandón shaman from the Maya village of Naja
Kitty—One of the first victims of the AIP
Koh Maria—Granddaughter and caretaker of Nacom, Lacandón shaman
Lamar Holland—Full time caretaker of Jacob Brown’s Island Park cabin
Larry Falkner—Commander of the Nellis convoy
Larry Leavitt—Former husband of Tish Leavitt
Len Copley—Utah manager of Zion Digital Communication
Lenny McIntire—Managing editor of the Washington Post
Letitia (Tish) Bentley Leavitt—Senior survey director at NORC, Univ. of Chicago
Levi Schaeffer—Father of Ariel Schaeffer
Lon Grant—DEA agent
Luke Melvin Clinton—Founder Apostolic Power in the Lamb Ministry
Major (The)—See Omega Eight
Mario Rodrigues—President of Mexico and member of The Committee
Merle Washington—Televangelist with Apostolic Power in the Lamb Ministry
Mickey Cruz—Retired Army Electronic Missile Systems Chief Warrant Officer
Miguel Prieto—Aide-de-camp to General Javier Espinoza
Mike Novak—Governor of Missouri
Mordechai David Galad—Radical Temple Mount activist
Muluc—One of Kish’s men on the Piedras Negras expedition
Nacom—Teacher, prophet, shaman for the Lacandón
Nathan Hill—UCLA professor of anthropology
Obed—Omega-Eurasia operative in Jerusalem
Omega Eight—Member of the Omega team. Known also as the major.
Olivia LeBlanc—Prime Minister of Canada and member of The Committee
Pamela Eggers—Director of the Humanist Defense League (HDL)
Patricia Lambros—US Attorney General
Paul Olsen—Doctoral student of Nathan Hill
Peter Baglio—US Vice President
Ramon Gutierrez—Pseudonym of Abran de la Cruz
Raul Zepeda—Director of Research at INAH
Rhoda Knecht—Member of the Independence Zion Council
Rita Hill—Twin daughter of Nathan and Audra Hill
Rohen Barker—Member of the Zion Council at Independence
Rosa de la Cruz—Mother of Abran de la Cruz
Ruth Hill—Twin daughter of Nathan and Audra Hill
Samuel Bentley—Retired BYU professor of ancient scripture
Sariah (Sari) Leavitt—Daughter of Tish Leavitt
Shan—See Chen Shan
Shawn Murphy—Oversees the Omega Team under the name of “Bravo”
Stan Knecht—Manages 1000-acre Church dairy farm at Far West
Stella Ward—Manager of the Los Angeles DEA regional office
Stephanie—Receptionist at Apostolic Power in the Lamb Ministry
Susy Barker—Wife of Rohen Barker
Timothy Warnick—Chairman of the Utah Zion Council
Tish—See Letitia Bentley Leavitt
Wang Shu—Housemaid to Wei Daiyu
Wei Daiyu—Wealthy heir of an ecommerce tycoon
Yochi—One of Kish’s men on the Piedras Negras expedition
Zedidiah (Zed) Beal—(Delta) US Secretary of Defense and member of The Committee.

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