In Search of Light


Norman Rockwell Farm, Stockbridge, Massachusetts, 2009


Thank you for visiting! Searching for Light, perhaps, should be the defining purpose of our lives. I invite you to take a look at some of my discoveries.


Cogitating. Pondering. Steve Dunn Hanson blog

My take on an eclectic range of topics just might get you thinking . . . again and again!


Understanding. Finding Christ. Eternal

The form and sound of a word, with its placement among others, can bring power. Add unique images, and the door is opened to an experience you may not soon forget. 

Book review. Books by Steve Dunn Hanson

Worth-your-time books with brief reviews and links to my own published works.

Steve Dunn Hanson. Videos

Uplifting, beautiful, unusual, and sometimes humorous, these videos could make your day. 

SEALED UP--from The Course of Fate Trilogy


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