An Unassailable Witness of the Book of Mormon

When I was a boy, back in the early to mid 1950’s, my mother’s father, John William Dunn, told me about an experience he had regarding the Book of Mormon. Grandpa lived in Logan, Utah and was born in 1889. Martin Harris, one of the Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, lived in Clarkston, 20 miles northeast of Logan, until his death in 1875.

Martin passed away 14 years before my grandfather’s birth, but when my grandfather was perhaps a teenager, a man who had spoken with Martin Harris told Grandpa about his experience. What I remember my grandfather saying to me was that this man told him that he had visited Martin Harris in Clarkston and asked him if the Book of Mormon were true. Martin Harris told him he knew it was true because of what he had seen. That experience my grandfather had when he was a young man made such an impression on him, that he shared it with me.



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