Discussion Questions for GATHER: Book III, The Course of Fate Trilogy 

1. A last day gathering, both spiritually and physically, of those who choose to follow Christ is a dominant theme in scriptural prophecy. Zion Centers is the possibility portrayed here. How do you think that gathering might occur? Has it already begun?

2. In GATHER, Zion Centers are protected from predators and from a devastating pandemic and natural catastrophes. Those in the Centers did everything they could to be prepared, then depended on God to help safeguard them. How does that principle apply in our lives? Does that mean we will be shielded from any and all calamities if we are righteous and prepared, or does it mean we will be given the strength to withstand them? Or both?

3. It is prophesied that the Jews as a people will ultimately accept Jesus Christ and His gospel and authority. What are your thoughts about how this might come about? 

4. How does the teaching that there is never any need for repentance and change undermine nations? Do you see evidence of that philosophy today? Where? How pervasive is it?

5. In The Course of Fate series, three men claim to be directed by visions: Luke Clinton, Sam Bentley, and Rohen Barker. What are their similarities? Their differences?

6. Wei Daiyu, Anatoly, Zed, and Shawn, and the chairmen of Zion Councils, Jon, Jonas, Jeremias, and Timothy, all had great power. How were they different? Do we have those kinds of personalities among us today?

7. What was your initial take on Clyde Latham and Chet Monson compared to your feelings about them at the conclusion of the book? Does that make a statement about our lack of ability (or right) to judge others? How?

8. Why do you think God “allows” bad things to happen to good people including respected leaders leading others to do wrong?

9. What questions did Sari have to resolve before she could ever find the answer to her question about who is “Mr. Right?” In our own lives, do the answers to some critical decisions first depend on us answering questions about ourselves? What would be the most important question of all to ask ourselves?

10. What ultimate affect can a leader have on the people they lead? For example, Jill Hodges and Edmundo Martelle Chapado? Hebel Leser and Jon Patema? Are leaders responsible for the choices those who follow them are making, or does the choice responsibility primarily exist with those who make them? Why?

11. Clyde had known of The Chronicles and their ramifications for much of his life yet chose to reject them. Why did he finally choose to change?

12. What part, if any, do you think supernatural beings might play in preparing for the coming of Christ? How might they be involved now?

13. Scriptures speak of signs that will be given prior to the second coming of the Lord. Which of these signs do you recognize in GATHER? Do you see any of these signs today?

14. While we do not know the timing nor the details of the fulfillment of last-day prophecies, we are admonished to watch for the signs that indicate their fulfillment. Apparently, if we are spiritually sensitive, we will see them. What do we need to do to be spiritually sensitive?

15. A cleansing of the earth as if by fire is prophesied prior to the coming of Christ. The Course of Fate depicts a plausible scenario. Do you have any thoughts how that cleansing might actually take place?

16. Were there any scriptures that were selectively written to mirror our day in the events and the people that are described? If so, why? Examples?

17. Are there other observations or questions you would like to discuss?

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